Friday, August 23, 2013

Fly Fishing For Trout In New York State

(Entries are arranged from oldest to newest.)

2013 May 20 - Cattaraugus County

This brown was the first fish of the day. It took a #16 Adams Wulff.

I measured the fish off the rod streamside and then off a ruler when I returned home. At 13 inches, it’s the best trout I’ve ever taken on a fly in New York.

2013 August 16 - Cattaraugus County

In the same pool where I took the 13 incher in May, I took a nice rainbow that looked a lot like this one. Unfortunately, the fish took the #16 Adams Parachute a bit deep, so I wasted no time cutting the leader, reviving the fish and watching it swim vigorously away.

The same pool provided several more strikes today and this 7 inch brownie.

This stream seems to get a damn beaver dam every year. Fortunately the stream is in snow country, and the spring runoff usually blows the dams out.

2013 August 23 - Wyoming County

This young brown solidly took a #16 Henryville Caddis in the first pool of the day. And what a beautiful day it was, certainly one of the finest of the season. With bird season fast approaching, I wonder whether I’ll have any more days like this on the water this year?